Nathan Hughes


Nathan_cookson_profile_pictureName: Nathan Hughes
DoB: 24/03/1992
Based In: Cheadle, Greater Manchester
Number: 07889485863
You can also find me on LinkedIn.


My passion is film and the creation of it is always a joy for me. I strive to push myself into areas where I’m not comfortable so I can come out with more honed skills. My aim is to constantly grow into the ideal filmmaker I strive to be and along the way pick up as many varied skills as I can possibly take in.



Through University I have learnt much about filmmaking, especially in the area of directing which is my main skill. It also taught me the varied roles within filmmaking that I also have interests in like writing. While having experience in largely documentary projects I have a bigger interest in short and feature film.


I have experience in multi-platform storytelling, narrative short films, music videos and documentaries. Outside of University I was able to use these skills to make promotional videos and documentaries.


expected to graduate July 2015


The films that make me want to become a filmmaker are films like Robert Altmans The Long Goodbye, Charles Laughtons Night of the Hunter and Paul Thomas Andersons The Master. I have always been taken to film but it wasn’t until much later that I found the kind of films I would like to make, I always knew I wanted to make them though. Films have a strange power that can make you experience a wide breadth of emotions and still leave you content and happy by the credits. It’s that power that has always enticed me to want to manipulate and evoke emotions in audiences.


• Edit with Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere
• Have experience in a range of cameras including Sony Ex-3, Sony Nx5 and many DSLRs from major companies Canon, Sony and Nikon