Liam Cookson


Liam_cookson_profile_pictureName: Liam Cookson
DoB: 02/08/1993
Based In: Bolton, Greater Manchester
Number: 07590015333
You can also find me on LinkedIn.


I am a passionate storyteller and love to create and tell stories across all platforms from film, television, radio, theatre, social media and mobile phones to those platforms yet to be invented. I am passionate about telling stories if they are fiction or not.



At University I learnt many skills in directing and film production including camera and sound. At university I found my feet in documentary a genre I am extremely interested and comfortable in but also found interest in new ways to tell stories through mobile phones and social media platform.


I have worked on many projects in university including narrative short stories, documentaries and multi platform stories. I used my experiences from university to create promotional videos for businesses and documentaries outside of university.


Expected to graduate July 2015


I’ve always loved films from the first films I remember watching that captured my imagination (Star Wars and Toy Story) but it wasn’t until I watched Jaws while studying my English GCSE I first really started to consider films are created not just there and from that moment on I decided I wanted to make films and tell stories for a living and I’ve never looked back.


• Full, Clean UK drivers license
• Edit with Final Cut Pro
• Can also edit with Premiere
• Have experience in a range of cameras including Sony Ex-3, Sony Nx5 and many DSLRs from major companies Canon, Sony and Nikon