Bolton Storyworld

a Transmedia Adventure unlike any other…

Think of Bolton Storyworld as the “X-Files” set in Bolton UK, made by students, delivered onto multiple devices and media platforms.

BSW was a new type of story that mixed many different formats (Social Media, Games, Web, Email, Mobile and Live Events) – blending fact and fiction into an immersive imaginary version of Bolton – where quite literally – ANYTHING could happen…

And sometimes it did!


Here’s a full walkthrough of the story:


Lee, who worked on the project for a number of years across each different version, wrote this about his experiences on the project:

Trials and Tribulations of a Fragmented Storyteller

Bolton Storyworld, for the uninitiated, was an interactive, transmedia prototype that ran between the years of 2011 – 2016. The project spanned several platforms and devices, employed over 100 film production students, generated hundreds of pieces of media and evolved through three major iterations.

For me it began life as a conversation over coffee and ended with an award ceremony…

Read more in this PDF



And here’s a discussion from the main collaborators behind Bolton Storyworld, Anna Zaluczkowska, Lee Robinson and Krishna Stott: